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Sale, Merchant fulfillment
For Merchant fulfillment in Liwal Htay, merchant require an account and KYC if an individual or account and KYC of company and owner in case of company. Once merchant is eligible to list items with merchant fulfillment, the item can be listed with the price or Get Quote options.

Customer will order items using our shopping cart. During the purchase, important information about availability and delivery will be communicated to the purchaser. Before, purchaser can purchase items with prices and proceed to checkout, purchaser may require account in Liwal Htay, choose the delivery options communicated by system or sales team, purchaser agree to the associated costs, pay them using payment method of purchaser choice. Items will be delivered as per terms and conditions negotiated and agreed during the purchase.

Ordering items with Get Quote purchaser rise request for quotation and following procedure apply:

1- Liwal Htay communicate with seller on behalf of the customer using the Liwal Htay procurement module.
2- Liwal Htay forward the demand of the purchaser.
3- Merchant offer price and terms, Liwal Htay forward the offer to buyer and get his approval.
4-Purchaser agree to the price and terms of the supplier..
5- Supplier pays Liwal Htay's 2% commission.
6- Customer is handed over to merchant in the Liwal Htay procurement module, merchant and customer follow the procurement module of Liwal Htay.

Note: Seller and Buyer agree to each other's terms and conditions and can always request Liwal Htay to mediate at any stage of the transaction for support and facilitation.

7- If transaction unsuccessful 2% commission is refunded to the supplier account.