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تشرح نده ساتل شوې. مخکې لاړ شه؟
With participation of prominent businessman and enthusiasts Liwal Htay opening ceremonies were held in Kabul and Dubai    پښتو العربية فارسی Русский اردو
With the participation of prominent businessmen and enthusiasts, the opening ceremonies of Liwal Htay’s website, held in Kabul and Dubai on 29th of May, 2022 which coincides with #PashtoDay, was joyful and successful. In Kabul, the opening started at 3pm with an online speech by Mr. N.R. Liwal, Chairman of Liwal Htay, followed by online training and ended by awarding certificates to the first batch of Freelance Marketers who completed a two weeks in-person training program.

In Dubai, a joyefull opeining cermoney dinner was held with the presence of prominent, UAE based Afghan businessmen at Liwal’s residence. Marketing and e-commerce solutions offered by Liwal Htay and their importance and advantages were discussed and concluded with very useful feedback & recommendations from the respected businessmen.

With the vision of connecting businesses and nations, Liwal Htay™ is an e-commerce platform and marketplace based in Dubai, the world’s business hub, and is in line with the United Arab Emirates leadership vision of positioning UAE as a global hub for innovation and e-commerce. Liwal Htay is Mr. Noor Rahman Liwal’s initiative with the aim to support businesses through e-commerce and new technologies in the region and beyond, especially those left behind in the technological age. Liwal Htay will enable businesses to find products and customers worldwide in a free, accessible and affordable way by utilizing new technologies to conduct secure transactions and reliable delivery and fulfillment.

The Liwal Htay website has robust and easy terms and conditions, and anyone from anywhere can list a product or service for selling or purchase in their own country and abroad, almost for free. Listing can be accompanied with a price or “ask for quote” conditions. Any product that is not illegal can be listed on Liwal Htay. Liwal Htay is working regionally and worldwide with governments to have trading facilities in their territories.

Liwal Htay helps businesses, manufacturers and buyers, reduce their costs and use technology to find products and services easily and affordably from the comfort of their homes and offices which will boost their livelihood and business. Liwal Htay offers numerous services to buyers and sellers for goods to be received and transactions to be made with confidence.

Liwal Htay, will go the extra mile, to offer e-commerce services that cannot be matched elsewhere to facilitate sales and purchases for your business in the Middle East, Central Asia, South East Asia and around the world. For sales, purchases or the provision of business facilitation, kindly open an account with us and build your user profile, your company profile, and list your products for free.

Get quote and Get wholesale quote, option will enable wholesale suppliers and manufacturers to list their products without price and use Liwal Htay procurement module to offer instant offers.

We speak your language, on the multilingual website, a product can be searched for by its name, model, category, brand and other parameters and purchased using our shopping cart with various payment options. In addition to major languages of Arabic and English, we will list items in other regional languages like Pashto, Persian, Urdu, Hindi and others. Not able to find a product of choice, just posting its name, description, model, brand or picture, in the "Live Market" menu, we will list and inform you accordingly.

Require repairs and spare parts?, due to lack of parts many usable products are discarded, along with financial losses to humanity, their dump is harmful. Liwal Htay parting services will enable anyone search for repairing of equipment and find all kinds of spare parts in Liwal Htay. Moreover, anyone can partner with us for repair activities. having equipment which are not repairable, we will help you list it on Liwal Htay for spare parts sales as well.

For quick buying and selling, in the "Live Market" menu share the name, description, model, brand and picture of any product that you cannot find on Liwal Htay, and we will find the product and inform you accordingly. Also, in order to sell something quickly, just kindly share its name, description, model, brand, picture and price. We will list it and start its marketing.

Become a permanent seller on Liwal Htay, register and open an account with Liwal Htay to become a permanent seller and list your items for local and international sale for free.

Need more information, for sales and purchases on Liwal Htay, check our FAQ page, read our terms and conditions and for other queries, from the contact menu user can utilize several methods to reach us directly anytime.

About Noor Rahman Liwal & Liwal Htay
Liwal Htay is the e-commerce platform and marketplace of Liwal General Trading LLC, managed by an experienced and award winning ICT consultant & computer programmer, Mr. Noor Rahman Liwal is an Afghan entrepreneur and computer expert who enabled computer operating systems to process Pashto, Persian, Urdu and Hindi languages in 1990. Mr. Liwal owns businesses in ICT, media, trading, computing, education and communication in the UAE and internationally.

Liwal Htay is backed by the committed Liwal family members with decades of business experience. Mr. A. R. Sahak is Business Development Director and the technical team is managed by university top graduate engineer, Khushal Khan Liwal, and software engineer, Adam Khan Liwal. The Liwal Htay platform is powered by Liwal® Mahasib™, a cloud, mobile and blockchain-enabled ERP, CMS and CRM platform developed by Mr. Noor Rahman Liwal and family.

Copyright © 2022 Liwal. All rights reserved. Liwal, Liwal Htay, and Mahasib are trademarks, service marks, or registered marks of Liwal Limited. Other companies and products or services mentioned herein may be trademarks, service marks, or registered marks of their respective mark owners.

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ZKTeco iFace900
Price: 435.00 USD
Feed Horn with Orthomode Transducer & Rejection Filter
Price: 189.00 USD
DYMO LabelWriter Turbo 330
Price: 250.00 USD
EDIMAX ES-3116P 16 Port Fast Ethernet Switch
Price: 40.00 USD
90 Degree Elbow
Price: 0.41 USD
90 Degree Elbow
Price: 0.41 USD
New Japan Radio Ku-Band PLL LNB MODEL NJR2635EN4 Freq.11.70-12.20 Ghz
Price: 0.00 0
Liwal Distance School, Leklar Workbook A4 Pashto
Price: 20.00 USD

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