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Liwal Washgr Model - L1
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Liwal Washgr Model - L1
Hydroponically grown fodder is a cost-effective, easy to produce and very beneficial for livestock. Liwal Waṣgar feed system produce essential, healthy and fresh feed in nearly seven days. This Liwal Waṣgar L1 is a fully manual fodder, is best and low cost system for starters, it comes with trays for cultivation and a filler bowel for irrigation. Height is 135cm and with 65cm and depth 65cm, weight 15-20kg approx. There are other two models semi automatic and fully automatic system are made to order. Fodder grown in a Liwal Waṣgar Feed System mimics the benefits of fresh pasture and is a more appropriate feed option for grazing animals. They are able to digest fodder sprouts easier and more resourcefully than grain, improving feed efficiency, milk and meat production. Reduce 50% need of feed, also save on. spoilage, storage, and transportation of feed.White sorghum, barley, wheat, sun flower, alfalfa and other seeds are good for feed system.
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Liwal Htay Fulfillment
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