ViaSat LinkStar S1
تړاو کاپي کاپي شو
ویاسټ لینکسټار S1
The ViaSat LinkStar S1 system is a two-way, bandwidth-on-demand broad-band VSAT system designed around the DVB-RCS standard for service pro-viders, ISPs, and corporate networks. LinkStar S2 brings more efficiency and higher data rates to the market than other TDMA systems. The LinkStarS2 Broadband VSAT System combines broadband access and a high-speed return channel to satisfy bandwidth-intensive applications using IP data over any fixed satellite. Since their introduction, LinkStar VSATs have been built on a foundation of open-standard DVB technology, including a DVB-S or DVB-S2 forward link and DVB-RCS return link. A LinkStar S1 terminal can operate in either of two over-the-air downloadable software personalities. The DVB-RCS software enables interoperability with thier manufacturers. The standard LinkStar e-ATM software includes additional advanced features not included in the DVB-RCS standard. The LinkStar S2 DVB-S2 system-compliant technology includes advanced LDPC (Low Density Parity Check) coding for ultra-low Eb/No performance near Shannon’s theoretical limit along with 8PSK coding for bandwidth reductions up to 30% below traditional values. The system offers satellite link speeds up to 81 Mbps on the utbound channel and up to 4.2 Mbps on the inbound channels to the hub. With this high inbound channel capacity, remote sites can be server locations, content providers, ultimedia sources, video teleconferencing participants, and corporate headquarters.
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