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تشرح نده ساتل شوې. مخکې لاړ شه؟
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For sale and purchase in Liwal Htay check our FAQ page, read our terms and conditions, for other queries, from contact menu, can use several methods to contact us.
Want to Purchase?
In website of Liwal Htay a product can be searched by name, model, category, brand, made in and other parameters, start purchase using our shopping cart which has various payment methods.

Not finding the product of your choice, just post name, description, model, brand or picture in the Live Market section and we will list and inform you accordingly.
For urgent purchase or sale use Live Market section
In "Live Market" menu share name, description, model, brand and picture of any product you can not find in Liwal Htay. We will find the product and inform you accordingly. Also for selling, something quickly just share its name, description, model, brand, picture and price we will list and start its marketing.
Become a permanent seller with us
Register and open an account with Liwal Htay to become permanent seller and list your items for local and international sale for free.
Require repairs and parts?
For repair of equipment search parts in Liwal Htay. Also partner with us for repair activities. Having equipment which are not repairable, we will help you list those in Liwal Htay for spare parts sale.
Cost of selling in Liwal Htay?
Kindly check Liwal Htay pricing page.
Liwal Htay cover which regions and countries?
Unless there are legal restrictions, Liwal Htay have no restriction, sellers and buyers can be from any location anywhere in the world.

How shipping and delivered are managed?
The shipping mode and type related to the products purchased, will be communicated to purchaser during purchase, please see Liwal Htay fulfillment and Seller fulfillment.
What is the delivery duration?
The duration of delivery depends on location of goods and location of buyer, the delivery duration will be addressed during each individual orders at the time of ordering. Kindly check Liwal Htay fulfillment and Supplier fulfillment in pricing page.
Sale, Liwal Htay fulfillment
Before commencing a purchase customer is require to open account in Liwal Htay and specify their delivery address. Based on the delivery address of the purchaser appropriate item price and associated cost can be presented to the purchaser and purchaser can start ordering the item with price or Get Quote options.

Items with prices, purchaser will order items using our shopping cart. During the purchase important information about availability and delivery will be communicated to the purchaser based on his or her delivery location.

Purchaser can order items with prices and proceed to checkout, choose delivery options and agree to associated costs and pay using the payment method of their choice.

On receipt of payment items will be delivered as per the agreed terms selected or communicated to the purchaser.

Ordering items with Get Quote, purchaser rise request for quotation and following procedure apply:

1-Liwal Htay will send the Quote to contact methods find on purchaser profile, purchaser can login see the offer and in dashboard proceed for payment. if required Liwal Htay sale team with contact appropriate supplier, get the offer and provide it to the purchaser.

2- Purchaser accept the offer and pay using payment method of their choice. 3- Liwal Htay deliver item as agreed.
Sale, Merchant fulfillment
For Merchant fulfillment in Liwal Htay, merchant require an account and KYC if an individual or account and KYC of company and owner in case of company. Once merchant is eligible to list items with merchant fulfillment, the item can be listed with the price or Get Quote options.

Customer will order items using our shopping cart. During the purchase, important information about availability and delivery will be communicated to the purchaser. Before, purchaser can purchase items with prices and proceed to checkout, purchaser may require account in Liwal Htay, choose the delivery options communicated by system or sales team, purchaser agree to the associated costs, pay them using payment method of purchaser choice. Items will be delivered as per terms and conditions negotiated and agreed during the purchase.

Ordering items with Get Quote purchaser rise request for quotation and following procedure apply:

1- Liwal Htay communicate with seller on behalf of the customer using the Liwal Htay procurement module.
2- Liwal Htay forward the demand of the purchaser.
3- Merchant offer price and terms, Liwal Htay forward the offer to buyer and get his approval.
4-Purchaser agree to the price and terms of the supplier..
5- Supplier pays Liwal Htay's 2% commission.
6- Customer is handed over to merchant in the Liwal Htay procurement module, merchant and customer follow the procurement module of Liwal Htay.

Note: Seller and Buyer agree to each other's terms and conditions and can always request Liwal Htay to mediate at any stage of the transaction for support and facilitation.

7- If transaction unsuccessful 2% commission is refunded to the supplier account.
Sale, Mediated Deal seller fulfillment.
1- Purchaser order products,
2- Liwal Htay receive payment from purchaser Liwal General Trading LLC, Dubia or as agreed.
3- Supplier is informed of payment received.
5- Supplier sent goods to customer as agreed.
6- Purchaser receipt of goods or letter of Credit, Liwal Htay release payment to the supplier.
7- Liwal Htay deduct 2% commission plus transaction charges as per method of payment used i.e., Bank Transfer, Credit Card payment or other means.
I want to work in Liwal Store which method i must select to increase my daily incomes
1- first of all visit multi times carefully form Liwal Htay website and another social media pages by the name of Liwal Htay. to inform from the fulfillment and affairs of store.
2-Open an account in Liwal store, in the time of account opening, select "Want to work in Liwal Htay" in the part of I am, complete your profile, we will decide according to your profile that you are Eligible for job or no, your profile must have complete resume Like creating of CV.
3- Visit form FAQ's part specially Liwal Htay pricing And the popularity part of your products.
4- While you completed the above three parts, start from your home or workplace, have you any things that by selling of that you Profit in Liwal Htay, then search in your region, is there any one to insert the products of them in Liwal Htay and perform the marketing of the that and find customers for the registered products.
For marketing participate in the training's via Liwal Htay.
5- Profits: when you list your own products and Liwal Htay sale the registered products, Liwal Htay take only 2% from the selling rate.
6- If you list the goods, products or services in Liwal store and sale them from the pertinent transaction 25% pure profits given you by Liwal Htay. if they take any advertisement from any company or factory 40% and by creating of profile with contacts 40% profits given you.
Good luck

ZKTeco iFace900
Price: 435.00 USD
Feed Horn with Orthomode Transducer & Rejection Filter
Price: 189.00 USD
DYMO LabelWriter Turbo 330
Price: 250.00 USD
EDIMAX ES-3116P 16 Port Fast Ethernet Switch
Price: 40.00 USD
90 Degree Elbow
Price: 0.41 USD
90 Degree Elbow
Price: 0.41 USD
New Japan Radio Ku-Band PLL LNB MODEL NJR2635EN4 Freq.11.70-12.20 Ghz
Price: 0.00 0

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